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W is for Walsh

Mary Walsh Bannaky

by Johnny

Mary Walsh worked as a dairymaid in England in 1683. She milked the cows early in the morning and in the evening. There were serious laws about stealing milk. When the cow kicked over the milk bucket, the owner accused Mary of stealing the milk. She was taken to court and sentenced to seven years of bondage. At the age of seventeen Molly was expelled from her country and sentenced to work as an indentured servant in an American Colony. She came to Maryland where she worked on a farm for seven years.

After her indenture time was up she staked a claim and began her own farm. Because she needed help on her farm, she bought a slave, vowing to give him his freedom as soon as her land was cleared. She did and she married him. They had four daughters and the oldest daughter had a son. Mary helped teach her grandson, whose name was Benjamin Banneker.

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