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How We Did It
Maryland A*B*C Museum


Culminating project for the study of Maryland.


Integrate the students skills in research, knowledge of Maryland history, computer oral speaking, science and art.


Keep a notebook with a page for each letter of the alphabet. Throughout the year, as teacher and/or student learns about a person from Maryland, a symbol for Maryland or a place in Maryland, record it in the MARYLAND NOTEBOOK. (Sometimes you can record the same person or event for two different letters. For example George Calvert could be under "C" or "L" for Lord Baltimore.) Toward the end of the year review the alphabet and divide it according to people, symbols, or places. (The teacher may need to add a few names to help complete the alphabet.) Each student draws a letter of the alphabet from a jar. Sometimes they may have a choice of which Marylanders to do research on.

Research project begins:

Web with the students the information they feel needs to be included in their research. ie (birth and death dates, significant for ...) Using their web they begin researching and writing their first draft. They should use the writing process to peer edit, revise and type. (Use spell check and print first copy for teacher.) Student needs to find a picture to go with their research and make a large drawing. (They can work on this while teacher conferences students on their writing.) Students also need to practice their oral speaking using note cards in preparation for their class presentation.

Final Presentation:

The day of the presentation, students hang their picture on the front of a desk. (They can create a science project using battery and light bulb thus integrating science into this project.) A visitor may push the button and when the light is on the student tells about their famous Marylander. Invite parents and other classes to visit the Maryland A.B.C. museum. The final work may be posted on the web for family members to view at their leisure.

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