Artist's Statement

Rosana Azar

It is difficult for me to express myself in words. Pictures are much more self-revealing.

To paint, I reach down deep inside to find the emotions within; it is this self awareness that I attempt to capture on my canvas.

Meditation, oil on canvas, 30" X 40"

My art reflects my personal belief and awe in the amazing capacity of the human mind, body, and spirit to flow together in one's personal journey through life.

The Juggler, oil on canvas, 28" X 46"

My pictures are introspective-unique to the ideas, thoughts, anxieties and joys I find in myself.

Self Knowledge, oil on canvas, 18" X 26"

I realize that each individual, in viewing my work, brings to it their personal interpretations and unique understanding. This offers them the opportunity to discover new ideas; ones they may not realize existed.

Suspended, oil on canvas, 40" X 56"

Even I, with the completions of each creation, continue to find surprises. In my spirit a new door is opened, constantly challenging and nourishing my passion to create.


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