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Our Mission Statement

San Juan Evangelista is a Catholic Private School, which provides co-educational primary and secondary education in the East part of Santiago.

Our pedagogical definition and educational principles are clearly oriented to the growth of each person as a human being, through a curriculum that emphasizes the different aspects of his/her personality.

From early childhood, San Juan Evangelista School encourages each student to develop his/her potentislities and talents in an enviroment of affectiveness and respect, strongly supported by parents and the families quite integrated to school actvities. Our educational project aims to experience the values of self compromise, solidarity, critical attitude, responsability and self-confidence, social participation and loyalty to Jesuscrist as the model of our behavior and life, through the spirituality of Father Leon Dehon, founder of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Christ.

The teachers involved in the project are:

Isabel Madrid, Computer Science Teacher. She helps students in the use of the word processor, drawings and graphics.

Cecilia Compa and Hugo Miranda, Spanish Teachers. They encouraged and supervised students during their investigations and writing.

Maria Isabel Retamal, Maria Teresa Vargas and Maria Luz Vera, English Teachers. They motivate students and Spanish teachers to participate in this project and afterwards they translate each work to English and send them.

The students are from 5th and 6th grades between 10 to 12 yeras old.

We told students about the project and they were very motivated with the idea of watching their works on Internet. So, as they are 6 Classes with about 38 students in each one, we divided the Alphabet in 6 groups, one for each Class (4 or 5 letters), and the students chose one of the letters to investigate in groups of 5 or 6. It didn't take long, about two or three periods of 45 minutes.