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Eighth Amendment

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

by Eric

This amendment tells that judges can't charge a lot of money for bail unless the crime is very serious. And it may not be used unfairly. The government could exercute you if the crime is really serious. That person must be guilty. Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a lawyer to help them. If they can't afford a lawyer they will be provided with one.

My picture shows that the bail can not be to much. This person is accused of doing a crime and now the court is giving a charge for bail. He could go talk to the judge about the bail charge and ask the judge for a lower bail if he thinks the judge was not fair.

by Tom

This Amendment to me means, that the judge can't make someone's bail so high that they can't even afford it, if it is not a serious crime. It also means that the punishment should fit the crime. Instead, he has to fine you or put you in jail overnight. But if you commit a very big crime the judge can't just give you a little punishment, he has to make it a hard punishment. If your crime was minor, there shouldn't be a harsh punishment.

The first half of my picture of the 8th Amendment has a man on the electric chair, he's saying that all he did was get a speeding ticket. That is and example of a cruel punishment. The second half of my picture has a man who killed someone, and he only got a $200 fine. He's saying what only a $200 fine that's it. And i killed someone. Than he says things sure have changed. That is an example of a unfair punishment.

by Julie

This amendment means that judges can't treat people unfairly because they did something wrong. They have to give that person a fair trial to see if the person is guilty for the crime. They cannot just hang a person to die just because they forgot to walk their dog. You cannot be treated unfairly. The punishment must fit the crime.

My picture shows a woman being hung just because she forgot to walk her dog. Her shirt says "Don't forget to walk your dog. She is saying "Owww because it hurts when you get hung. She is also saying "I can't believe that I am being hung just because I forgot to walk my dog. It's not fair." The dog is saying "I told you to walk me." This is an unfair way of punishment.

by Kambiz

Its like if you forget to walk your dog you get executed the next day, or if you kill ten people you have to clean your room in punishment. These punishments are very strange. The punishment should fit the crime you should be happy that this Amendment is still here.

My picture shows a man killing a man then cleaning his room in punishment. You see him picking up his clothes off the floor and using the trash bag to carry around.

by Camielle

My picture shows 2 cruel facts or examples. My first picture is of a man who has been kicked out of his home and sent to live in an tent because he had a guest come in which that person got very ill and was sent to the hospital because of rotten food, and severe burns from cigarette butts left smoking on couches.

My second picture is of a woman who shall have her house torn down because the house smells of burning rubber and the paint outside is beginning to crumble. So the men that came to her house said you must leave your house. The woman said, "Why?" They said that her house was beginning look ugly. I think that, those are cruel and unusual punishments.

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