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Third Amemdment

No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in manner to be prescribed by law.

by Shannon

The Third Amendment means that people can't be forced to let soliders stay and be taken care of in citizens homes. Today people have the right to refuse to let soliders stay in our homes. If we didn't have this amendment, then when or if, we have another war, soliders would be staying in peoples' homes. But maybe we should, they are fighting for your country.

This stamp shows a lady telling a solider that he can't stay in her home. She does not want to take care of him. This stamp shows a picture of the amendment because a solider says he wants to stay but the lady says no. If the man was fighting for my country I might let him stay .

by Yasmin

My amendment means that the goverment can't force you to take care of and house someone you don't want to.This amendment was written into the Constitution because in Colonial time, the British would force the colonist to feed & house the Soldiers. And, the British goverment expected the colonist to do it without any pay.

My stamp shows a note on the door with a message on it that says, '' Don't come here for vacancy British.'' A British solder is walking away, looking for a place to stay.

by Kibin

This amendment means that any soldiers that are in war or in time of peace does not have the right to go into anybodies home without the permission of the owner. It also means that the people didn't have to feed the soldiers, give them shelter , and things they needed. The reason this amendment was put into the constitution was because during coloinal time the British Soldiers forced Americans to let them stay in the American's home.

My stamp shows a soldier asking to stay at a woman's house . The woman says no and that she doesn't want a stranger in her home. This can't happen today because a solider won't come to your house asking to stay at your house.

by Camila

This amendment means that no soldiers are allowed in your house without your permission no matter what! They can not force you anymore to feed them or provide them with shelter. This amendment effects me because nothing or nobody can make me let a stranger or a soldier in my house, because it cost money to feed an extra person. But if you want a soldier in your house you can. Not all soldiers are bad some might be from the same side you are on. If you don't want a soldier in your house you do not have to. It does not matter what kind of soldier he or she is.

My picture shows a women obeying the third amendment, by kicking a soldier out of her house. It is not her responsibility to feed them or provide them with shelter.

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