Benjamin Bannaker

By Andrea Davis Pinkey, Illustrated by Brian Pinkey

Book report and stamp artwork by Nijel

Benjamin Bannaker was born November 9,1731 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was very poor he wore ragaty pants, no shoes, and a white shirt for clothing. He was a very bright young man. He had brown eyes, black hair. His mother, Mary Bannaker, taught him how to read using the Bible. He had a sister named Marita Bannaker, and a father named Robert Bannaker. In school he was called to read the alphabet because he did not pay attention in class but this was easy for him. He read the alphabet and got it all right. The teacher was impressed so he made him read a paragragh in a book and he got that right so he sat with the advanced children because he could read better than the rest of the children. Later came summer vacation. Everyone else was happy but he was sad because he couldnŐt stay and learn more. And yes, he really was sad. He studied reading, arithmetic, and Science. Benjamin Bannaker was smart, caring , strong, determined and friendly. For example, three kids asked to pick some fruit. He said yes and later the three boys took all his food and left none for to sell or eat. But, he understood and didnŐt get mad. He didnŐt get any money that day but the next day was another day. That's what I call friendly.

Beginning in 1789 he observed the sky. He had question about why every night the stars were in a different position. Why every night the moon was in a differerent position. And believe it or not he couldnŐt answer his own questions. It found out by reading. He did make different iventions and he wrote many letters to Benjamin Franklin. He recieved letters from the President of the United States of America.

This commemorative stamp shows what kind of plantation he lived on. He worked every day on his farm. He died in 1864 ,that is the end of Benjamin Bannaker.

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