Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin

by Mary Pope Osborne


Book report and stamp artwork by Michael

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. Most of his brothers and sisters died so he only had six brothers and sisters left altogether. Once when he was seven, he was given some money. On his way to the store he saw an older boy blowing a whistle. Benjamin thought it would be neat if he had one to, so he went to the store to buy the whistle. He had to use all his money for the whistle. When he got home, his brothers and sisters teased him because he has paid too much for the thing. Ben like to build little things like boast. He also made water flippers. Since Ben loved to read, his dad, Josiah Franklin, wanted him to be a clergyman, minister, because you had to be well educated to be one. So his dad sent him to school but in a year he changed his mind because it cost to much money. So Ben was sent to an ordinary school. Ben still liked to study science and read many books.

Benjamin Franklin is famous for being very important in American History. He was there when the Revolutionary War was going on and he was present when the Declaration of Independence was written. He also is famous for for the electricity experiments he did. You always think of him flying a kite. He also invented many things.

My stamp commemorates Benjamin Franklin. The colors I'll be using is blue, white, brown, red, black and peach. In the background some of the symbols are a kite, key, and a flag. It is a stormy day she he can do the experiment.

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