T is for TURTLE

By Arin

Turtles are called baby turtles when they are young. The longest turtles can grow to be about a foot long. Land turtles live in the forest and sea turtles live in the ocean. Turtles eat plants and sea junk. Turtles are a green animal with a hard brown and green shell. Turtles have a small tail that looks like a skinny leg and they walk very slowly. Turtles can camouflage themselves as rocks. Once sea turtle eggs hatch, the baby sea turtles crawl to the ocean to swim free. But, they have to watch out for enemies. Some enemies of the turtle are sharks, bears and lots of animals bigger than itself. My Beanie Baby, Speedy the Turtle, was born on August 14th, 1994. His eyes are black and his brown back sticks up. He has a green head and legs.

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