O is for OTTER

By Doug

Sea otters live in the water most of the time. They sometimes go on land to rest, get food or to play. They live in the water off the coast of California, Alaska and the Kuril Islands. Otters spend most of the day in a bed of kelp. They don't live alone. They live in groups called rafts. They eat crabs, crayfish, fish, clams and sea urchins. Sea otters are about 4 feet long and weigh 35 to 70 pounds. Their babies are called pups. A mother only raises one pup at a time. An old male otter's fur can be white, while most sea otters have brownish black fur. An otter's fur looks darker when it is wet. Otters fur is the thickest fur of any animal. They rub air bubbles into their fur to help stay warm. An otter has a lot of long whiskers. Their whiskers help them feel around in muddy water. When they swim and their tails help them steer. Their enemies are mainly humans. They are hunted for their thick, soft fur. My Beanie Baby is a Sea otter named Seaweed. She was born March 19, 1997. She has a piece of seaweed in her paws.

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