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Beanie Baby Writing


Students use descriptive language arts skills and begin research skills. Use of computer skills in writing and editing.

Create a product that can be used as a resource and viewed by family and friends.


  • Children draw a letter of the alphabet from a basket and inform teacher of their "lucky" draw.
  • Teacher assigns the "Beanie Baby" animal that corresponds with the letter.
  • Children bring in the various "Beanie Babys" and the child with the assigned Beanie writes a description including:
  • The pictures drawn of the Beanie Baby, should be authentic to Beanie Baby in color and detail. Color picture completely and outline in black.
  • Students begin animal research by looking for the animal's:
  • Information is written in paragraph form and first edited by partner.
  • Format for Beanie Baby writing should be:
  • Picture of student and Beanie Baby taken using digital camera.
  • Student imports his/her picture into writing.
  • Student drawn picture of Beanie Babies scanned.

    Rubic or Grade Sheet for Beanie Baby Project:

  • Preparation:
  • Format:
  • Picture
  • Presentation (complete and accurate)