Flying Fox Bats

by Philip


Flying Foxes are megabats. You can also call Flying Foxes megachiroptera. They have an enlarged muzzle and a fox-like head. Their habitats are tropical & subtropical places like Asia, Africa, Australia, and some other warm places. Over 60 kinds of Flying Fox bats live in Australia. Flying Foxes have wingspans around 5 feet and weigh around 10-12 ounces, but some can have wingspans of over 6 feet and can weigh over 2 pounds! That may sound light to us humans, but for bats, it is heavy. Flying Foxes do not use echolocation, but instead use their really good sense of smell and awesome eyesight. The only fruit bat that uses echolocation is the Egyptian Fruit bat.


Flying Foxes cannot sense color. They eat fruit, flowers, nectar, and sometimes pollen. Their tongues are very long and have bristles to get the sweet nectar. Baby Flying Foxes are born with their eyes open and with a coat of fur. The pups learn to fly at four months. They practice by hanging by their feet and flapping their wings. Flying Foxes use their wings as coats.