The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, the Inventor of the Telephone

By Margaret Davidson, illustrated by Stephan Marchesi

Dell publishing 1989

Book report and stamp artwork by Philip

Alexander Graham Bell was a very talented man. You would never have guessed it when he was a boy. When he was a boy, he would have a lot of fun. His parents weren't to strict compared to most of the others kids' parents. He didn't go to school for he had a tutor. The reason for this is that his family was poor. One sunny day, when he was playing with one of his friends, his father came out and asked Alex to do something useful. Alex was confused and asked what he could do. "Well," his father would say,"You can start by finding an easier way to get the husks off of the wheat." Alex was excited and started right away. He started by soaking them in water and trying many other practical tasks until he finally found out that by just brushing them off with a mere brush works best. Now, what he wanted to try is to speed up the process. He thought and thought until he came up with a genius idea. He made holes in a wooden bar and stuck 3 brushes on each side. He tried it out and it worked! His father was stunned and told Alex he was a very talented boy. A while after that his grandfather came over to visit. Alex talked to him for a while and his grandfather told him his speech wasn't right. He was furious for letting Mr. Bell not let this boy get a right education and especially since his father was a person of speech, that's what he did for a living. So Alex began his studies on speech. He was a little athletic so he liked to play a lot. He had brown hair and was pretty cool.

Alex's life was pretty good. He was rich and famous for the invention of the telephone. He was known as a kid for his dad's invention for the deaf or people who couldn't talk right. When Alex was a little older he took up a life of teaching the deaf and using his father's invention. He also was still interested in making a way you could talk and have people hear your voice over a distance. He began his study while teaching the deaf. Soon he came up with a wild idea. Well, that's what people thought. Fortunately, the rich people who's children were in Alex's class talked to him. They told him that they were marveled and very grateful for his astonishing way of teaching. He told them about his wild idea and they offered him the expenses of the material and told Alex they would take him to a man who was relatively good with his hands. The next day Alexander Graham Bell would find his partner. Together they would make the one experiment that would change the world forever. As they walked in the neat shop they spoke to a man who greeted them with a happy smile and well dressed clothes. Alex walked over to the man and asked him if he would help him in his work. That man said yeah and they invented the telephone. Many other inventions were made by Alex that you would never have known existed if people didn't tell you. When he was younger he invented a little man when he was really interested in his dad's speech work. The little man was made out of parts from around the house. It screamed this erie sound when you pluck it's vocal cords. He also made this little wheat husk remover when he was a boy. His dad was totally astonished.

My stamp shows a mixed picture of his life. It has his face in the middle and a hand reaching out to give him the phone so he could make the first long range call. The stamp also shows his daughters.

Phillip [Recorded comments - 68K]

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