EDCI 397 Name ________________________

Dr. R. McGinnis

Science Investigation

Scoring Rubric and Evaluation Categories

Range of Scores (sliding scale of numbers from maximum to minimum in any item)

(Exemplary (E); Above Average (AA); Satisfactory (S); Needs Attention (NA)

_________ Question you investigated (2 pt range)

(Does it fulfill the requirements of a fair test?)

_________ Process you used to investigate it (8 pt range)

(Is your procedure fully explained? Does your procedure fulfill the requirements of a scientific investigation (i.e., variables operationally defined, steps clearly explained so that it can be replicated, test repeated multiple times?)

_________ Graph of Data Collected (6 pt range)

(Is the graph accurately labeled? (title, responding and manipulated variables) Is the data accurately plotted and represented?

_________ Conclusion (4 pt range)

(Is the question answered? Is the answer based on the data collected? Are any limitations identified?)