EDCI 372

Dr. R. McGinnis


This assignment is designed to assist you in gaining experience in one way to guide elementary students in scientifically investigating a part of their real world experience. In this investigation, you will use tenets of the Fair Test (standardization of procedures, collection of responding and manipulated data, and presentation of your data through graphing) to answer a question posed in a commercial advertisement. You may conduct this inquiry independently or, if conditions at your school allow, with a small group of elementary students.

Poster Presentation:

Your poster should contain the following information:

1. Your question investigated

2. A written summary of your procedure and your conclusion.

Your graph should have this format:

Title: (Your Question)

Name of



Name of manipulated variable

Procedure: (The step by step way you conducted this investigation.)

Conclusion: (Your answer to the question based on the evidence you collected. Also include any limitations which impacts the generalizability of your conclusion.)