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Is Confucianism a Religion?

     There was not a term religion in ancient China but people worshipped Heaven as a God. Therefore, we can call Confucianism a Science of God.


     Confucianism is not one of the so-called religions. Confucius himself deeply believed in Heaven (God) and preached Its Dao which is Way leading human beings to enlightenment, by this one can unite with Heaven, then without any display, one becomes manifested; without any movement, one produces changes, and without any effort, one accomplishes its ends. Confucius' teaching is the holiest teaching of holy teachings, and may be above all the religions and does not conflict with them. He believes that all the people of the world are brothers and sisters under the only one God. These days too many people abuse the term of religion, so it is better to use 'the science of God.' Then Confucianism is the science of God.