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     Man's mind consists of Dao-mind and human-mind, which are all given by God. Everything being perfect and perfect in Dao-mind, nothing needs to depend on outside oneself or search for anything. Dao-mind is like a mirror which reflects God's love and wisdom.

     Human-mind begins to develop with the birth in society the desires to know, to do and to possess. The undesirable knowledge, actions and possessions cloud Dao-mind.

     The Quiet-sitting is like brightening up a mirror. The cleaner the mirror, the clearer it reflects the original nature within oneself. The Quiet-sitting is also a process to recover the lost Dao-mind and the power of self-healing.

     Dao cannot be obtained through teaching and learning, but can be obtained only through experience. One once experiences Dao through the Quiet-sitting in the holy rite, one finds the status of mind of Harmony and Equilibrium in the original mind by yin-yang mysticism. Through the Quiet-sitting one can enter the Universal Super-Consciousness beyond you and me, good and bad, time and space, return to the original nature and become oneself to unite with God.

     Dao in the original nature helps one become manifested without any display, change without any movement, and accomplish one's ends without any effort. Thus with the Quiet-sitting one can heal by oneself any sufferings resulted from abusing nature, e.g. overeating, smoking, drinking, and drugs (copyrighted).

     Counseling for self-healing through the Quiet-sitting, and lectures on the I Ching are offered by Dr. Kang, Center for Confucian Science.  E-mail me!


The State of the Mind

Before arise the stirrings of pleasure, anger, sorrow, or joy,

The mind may be said to be in the state of equilibrium.

When those feelings have been stirred,

And they act in their due degree,

There ensues what may be called the state of harmony.

This equilibrium is the great root

From which grow all the human actions in the world,

And this harmony is the universal path

Which they all should pursue.

Let the states of equilibrium and harmony exist in perfection,

And a happy order will prevail throughout the universe,

And all things will be nourished.