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The Mystery of Confucian Genesis


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As Harvard University Professor R. C. Lowontin said, "Science is the religion of the 20th century, Confucianism is perhaps the Science for Cureall".


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Thomas Hosuck Kang, Ph.D., President

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I. Confucianism consists of two systems: Behavior and Belief Systems.


II. The System of Confucian Behavior: Human Relations to build peaceful personalities.

A. The Structure of the Five Human Relationships: The network from individual to home, community, society, state, world like the internet or world wide web.


B. Five Forms:

 Parents - Children [PC]

 Husband - Wife [HW]

 Elder - Younger [EY]

 Friend - Friend [FF]

 Ruler - Subject [RS]


C. Coordinates:


D. Five Constants to operate the five human relationships:

 Ren [Love]

 Yi [Righteousness, Duty, Loyalty]

 Li [Voluntary-Behavior, Etiquette, Rites]

 Zhi [Knowledge or Wisdom]

 Xin [Belief, Trust]


E. The Poles:

 Jen [Homogeneous]

 Yi [Heterogeneous]


F. Orientations:

 Inward [Centripetal]

 Outward [Centrifugal]


G. Bonds: Attraction or Rejection


H. Relatives:  Family and Nation


I. The Universality:  Internet or WWW (World Wide Web)

III. The System of Confucian Belief: Confucian Genesis in one word: Tian [].

[Many religions under one God]


Symbol of Tian [] as God, whose gender is neutral.


B. Structure of Tian: Consisting of four strokes.



 left slash:   /

 right slash:   \

Combinations of the strokes: person: ,   great: .


C. The Meaning of Tian []


1. Only one: + greatest: = Tian: [symbol of Heaven or God] --- Only One God: Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence


2. Tian's heart and mind = Love, Humanity [] contained in Tian.

= [person] + = [love] [ = 二人]

This means love exists between two persons.


3. The creation of the human being = the first person = 一人.


4. The creation of another person = second person = 一人.

(3) + (4) = two persons = 二人.


5. The couple was sent to the earth to propagate Tian's love.

The motto was 'Within the four seas are all brothers and sisters.'


6. Tian gave woman the power to reproduce human bodies and to develop knowledge, but Tian holds the wisdom, spiritual power, creativity for itself.

In other words, human beings consists of the spiritual power from Tian and of the physical body; instinctive and intelligence to survive from parents.


7. The relations between the ancestors and descendants last only on earth.


8. To create two persons [二人] out of Tian [ ] itself means Tian sacrificed itself for the love of human beings.


9. Tian also gave the free will to love people and maintain the peace. This is the way to love and serve Tian.


10. The instinctive desire turns to the struggles for survival disregarding peace.


11. Thus the Lady Yan (Confucius's Mother) prayed Tian for the Saver or Prophet for peace, and Confucius was granted.


12. As a result the Trinity brought Prophet between Heaven and Earth as follows:













Prophets between Heaven and Earth represent Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, etc. [Many religions under one God]


13. The after life: At the death the spirit is separated from the physical body returns to Tian and lives forever.