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Text Box: Confucius Humanitarianism

The Clash of Civilizations 

Conflicts between Christianity and Islam

over Thousand years

A Confucian Alternative: Indonesian Model

By:  Thomas Hosuck Kang

Confucius Humanitarianism







     Samuel P. Huntington theorized the conflicts of the world as The Clash of Civilizations in his book, but the civilizations as a whole is not main cause to wars in the world. No all wars are religious wars among civilizations. However the religious wars are the worst ones among civilizations. The hatred between the jihad and the crusade for over thousand years has never vanished. The war is not a solution to this hatred. The losers in this war ferment even more hatred in their civilizations. In fact, there are too many gods which cause the clash of civilizations. Some religions have a tendency for violence, while some do not have conflicting element in their civilizations. For example, Confucianism whose faith is of one and only one universal God with diverse faiths peacefully co-existing. This idea has been trying to help pacify the religions wars among various religions in Indonesia. This model may be useful to solve religious wars throughout the world. This peaceful idea was also favorably responded by Pope John Paul II.