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Before you do something, consult  the ‘Cultural DNA’ Theory first!

Kang’s Theory of Cultural DNA©

Thomas Hosuck Kang, Ph.D.

Confucius Humanitarianism




Who are we?

We are   y = f(x)


What does it mean?

It can be explained by the following illustration:







x = Input;  y = Output; ƒ = the Transformer to change x into y

In other words, x  Input (all problems of the environment) can be

transformed to the Output y  by the ƒ (Brain and Mind).


You reap what you sow!






Dear Friends,


You know what ‘DNA’ is.  DNA is the blueprint of being; an enormously large and complex molecule that encodes all of the genetic information necessary to build a life.  The human beings have both the biological DNA and the cultural One which have been transmitting from our ancestors to the future.  The cultural DNA grows usually smoothly by assimilating the similar elements of other cultures, but when it encounters strange religions or drugs it reacts differently.

In the Confucian cultural zone, the Ru[]-familialism transformed Confucian culture by creating a cogwheel system of the human relationships of filial piety to the vertical politics and the ancestor worship to a religion and forcing the people into the cogwheels by depriving their freedom, equality, philanthropy, peace and happiness. Confucius was dispatched by God to liberate the people from the yoke of the cogwheels, and restore the human relationships to the open solar system so that they love all the people as brothers and sisters.  But the Ru[]-familialism again chained the people to the cogwheels in the name of Confucius, as a result, who was blamed for their suffering which has lasted 2500 years long.


Confucius’ Second Coming: Confucius is coming back to liberate the people who have been suffering in the Cogwheels to which the Ru[]-familialism has chained them.  There are two ways to liberate yourself from the slave of the selfish family Cogwheels:  the good education based on the principle the equal education[有敎無類], second, the restoration of the archetype cultural DNA through the Mundo meditation.  The meditation is the Cure-All method of the philanthropy[博愛濟衆] to save the whole people of the world.


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The world is now amid global wars by the clash of the religions, that is, politics of super-politics.  All of us, rise up with Confucius’ Second Coming to save the world.