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Winter: Bahamas

I've put my pictures on yahoo picture.

Summer: San Francisco - Yosemite NP



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Spring: Kayak trip; Kyoto - Tokyo

Sea kayak trip
A two day kayak trip in Chesapeake bay. It was fantastic. We even met sea tide in the evening. We fought almost 1 hour with the wind and wave.
Japan trip
My paper got accepted in a conference in Japan, and the time is right in the spring break week. (Well, I have to confess my submission is intentional.) So I flied to Tokyo airport on March 22. This was my first trip by myself. I didn't even try to get contact with any friends (if there is any) in Japan.
My arrival time is around 4:00pm, and my plan was to take the Shinkansen directly to Kyoto that evening, which is the most attractive place for me. The first pic was taken in a garden there. Do you believe it's right in the downtown? Actually the whole Kyoto is amazingly classic.

The second one was taken in the Miyazaki museum in Tokyo. In the ticket room, it's the TOTORO!

Winter: hometown again

One and half years had passed, since my last visit. I still couldn't believe the dramatic changes in my hometown Chengdu and Beijing. I was totally a stranger in both places. The picture was taken on our Chinese new year eve (Chu Xi). The street is called Qin Tai Gu Jing, which is right beside my home. This street is designed to restore the architecture and culture of Han dynastic, about 2000 years ago. The name and all designs were inspired from a famous love story happened here. Now this street is also famous because two very delicious hotpot restaurants are located here. :P Of course, I also tested all the delicious Szechwan cuisine during this visit. All right, I have to stop now, because I want to fly to my hometown NOW ...


Fall: Niagara Fall - Ithaca; Shenandoah NP

Summer: Utah - Grand Canyon NP - Las Vegas - LA;

A second road trip in US. I flied to Salt lake city. There I joined Jun and Jiang, who started their trip from Texas! Then we headed south and visited some national parks in Utah. One of the best is the arch NP. The delicate arch is so gorgeous, you cannot help to exalt the artistic of nature. The next stop was the Grand Canyon. On the road to grand canyon, I was already greatly impressed by the natural power, but grand canyon was the one push my impression to the summit. 

Philadelphia: Jin Shi, one of my best friends from high school and his gf stopped by Phily, since our three have never been there, we too drove to Phily and had a one day trip together. As the first capital and the place where the US constitution was signed, it is no doubt a historical city. Moreover, what attracted us the most was the Philadelphia museum of art. which collects lots of impressionism works. 

Winter: Germany - London - Paris

I went to Europe with my best friend Mei. We visited Germany, Britain and France. One interesting thing is I even got chance to meet my elder sister in Munich, who was also on her trip in Europe. Lots of memories left in my mind. To be continued ... :)


Fall: Atlanta

Summer: Annapolise-Longwood Garden-MY HOMETOWN!

Spring: College Park - New York - Boston

My first road trip in US. It's a trip of cityseeing: big apple New York and historical Boston. It's also a trip of famous universities: Yale, MIT, Harvard, Princeton.
Standing in wallstreet Financial office in MIT
Beautiful campus of Princeton

Winter: Atlantic City

A famous casino city in eastern coast of US, which is on the edge of Atlantic Ocean. The first time I met ocean in US. Water always makes a place much more vivid and lovely. I guess I am not a adventurer for money. I lost all the cash in my wallet :(, though just 20 bucks.