Talks and Posters:

  • Poster on " Cooperation in Ad hoc Communication Networks: A Cooperative Game Approach”, MSRI Workshop: Mathematics of Relaying and Cooperation in Communication Networks, April 2006, Berkeley, CA

  • Poster and demo on " Distributed Trust Management in MANETs " in Collaborative Technology Alliance Conference (CTAC), June 2005, Arlington, VA

  • Talk on " Trust Establishment and Cooperation in MANETs " in ECEGSA Seminar, University of Maryland, College Park, November 2004. slides

  • Talk on "Managing Trust in Self-organized Mobile Ad Hoc Networks" in the 12th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) workshop, February 2005, San Diego

  • Poster on "Dynamic and Distributed Trust Establishment in MANET" with Gorgeous Theodorakopoulos and John S. Baras, in IAB meeting, CSHCN, University of Maryland, College Park, October 2004 (Best Poster Award)

  • Poster and demo on "Trust Evidence Distribution in Ad Hoc Networks" in Collaborative Technology Alliance Conference (CTAC), May 2003 (Best Presentation Award)

  • Poster on "Risk Based Probabilistic Routing for Ad-Hoc Networks" with Zhongchao Yu, Xue Wu and William A. Arbaugh, in the 1st ACM Workshop on Wireless Security (WiSe), September 2002, Atlanta, GA

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