Annotations by Yasuko Makino

This bibliography primarily focuses on the Edo period illustrated books. It contains two parts. Part I annotated, includes the fundamental reference tools which are essential for cataloging and analyzing the materials. Part II is a selective bibliography on the subject. Journal articles are excluded.


Aimi, Kôu. "Ehon Gafu Nenpyô." In Aimi Kôu shû, 5. / Nakano Mitsutoshi, Kikutake Jun'ichi hen. (Nihon Shoshigaku Taikei; 45 Musashimurayama-shi: Seishôdô, 1998 <相見香雨. "絵本画譜年表" 相見香雨集, 5 / 中野三敏, 菊竹淳一編. (日本書誌学大系; 45) 武蔵村山市: 青裳堂>

Based on the author's manuscript. According to the editors' comments, the list includes gafu and a range of illustrated books which the author personally examined. The list is chronologically arranged by title, and each entry indicates the size of the book, imprint, number of volumes, name of the contemporary owners of the time, and reference titles. Title index added by the editors. (Yoshimura)
Asakura, Haruhiko. Kyôho Igo Edo Shuppan Shomoku. -- Shinteiban. Kyôto-shi: Rinsen Shoten, 1993 <朝倉治彦. 享保以後江戸出版書目 -- 新訂版. 京都市: 臨川書店>

Reproduction of wariinchô (割印帳) which lists official records of permission to publish and sell woodblock printed books. It covers 1727 to 1815, and the books are listed in the chronological order of permissions granted. Includes title, author, and publisher indexes.

Also useful is Kyôho Igo Hanmotobetsu Shoseki Mokuroku (享保以後版物別書籍目録) which is a combined version of Kyôho Igo Edo Shuppan Shomoku (享保以後江戸出版書目) and Kyôho Igo Ôsaka Shoseki Shuppan Mokuroku (享保以後大阪出版書籍目録). In this work, titles are arranged by the publisher's name. (Makino)

Genshoku Ukiyoe Daihyakka Jiten / Genshoku Ukiyoe Daihyakka Jiten Henshû Iinkai hen. 11 v. Tôkyô: Taishûkan Shoten, 1982-1982. <原色浮世絵大 百科事典 / 原色浮世絵大百科事典編. 東京: 大修館書店>

An encyclopedia of ukiyoe covering the earliest to the modern era. Initiated as an international collaboration by Nihon Ukiyoe Kyôkai, this multi-volume work was prepared by over 200 experts including museum experts, collectors, dealers and publishers.

Discusses such popular themes in ukiyoe as manners and customers, using fully colored reproductions. Vol. 1 offers a chronological table on ukiyoe covering 1596 through 1980. Vol. 11 includes indexes for subjects, personal names and western language names and terms. Also included is a list of plates arranged by artists's name and sub-arranged by titles of his/her works, size, media and its location. Anonymous works are listed at the end.

Contents: v. 1. 歴史 -- v. 2. 浮世絵師 -- v. 3. 様式・彫り・摺り・版元 - v. 4. 画題 -- v. 5. 風俗 -- v. 6-9. 作品 (絵師別) -- v. 10. 風俗絵師と現代版画 -- v. 11. 歌舞伎・遊里・索引. (Makino)

Hironiwa, Motosuke; Nagatomo Chiyoji. Nihon Shoshigaku o Manabu Hito no Tame ni. Kyôto-Shi: Sekai Shisôsha, 1998 <広庭基介・長友治代治. 日本書誌学を学ぶ人のために. 京都市: 世界思想社>

Introductory book for students of Japanese bibliography, Japanese traditional books and their history, identification and description. Discusses fundamental issues on the treatment of materials, history of paper, book binding, manuscripts, printing, size and technical terms. Where relevant, Chinese and Korean materials are mentioned. Includes a bibliography, list of illustrations and index. (Makino)
Inoue, Takaaki. Kinsei Shorin Hanmoto Sôran. -- Kaitei zôho. (Nihon Shoshigaku Taikei; 76) Musashimurayama-shi: Seishôdô , 1998 <井上隆明. 近世書林板元総覧 -- 改訂増補. (日本書誌学大系; 76) 武蔵村山市:青裳堂>

Arranged in the gojûon order, the names of 6,747 publishers of the Edo period were collected from various catalogs and books. Each entry lists the name, location, and books produced by the publisher. Author's notes are highlighted with an asterisk. Appended with a list of dôgô (堂号, business name), personal name, pseudonyms, and an index of aliases. (Makino)
Ishii, Kendô. Nishikie no Hori to Suri. Tôkyô: Geisôdô, 1994 <石井研堂. 錦絵の彫りと摺り. 東京: 芸艸堂>

Introduction and history of nishikie. Discusses in detail the instruments used, techniques, materials, horishi (carver) and surishi (printmaker), etc. Includes illustrations of various tools. (Makino)
Ishii, Kendô. Nishikie no Aratamein no Kôshô: Ichimei Nishikie no Hakkô Nendai Suiteihô. Tôkyô: Isetatsu Shoten, 1932 <石井研堂. 錦絵の改印の考證: 一名錦絵の発行年代推定法. 東京: 伊勢辰書店>

Reprint of 1920 edition. Aratamein is a "birth certificate" given to woodblock printed publications which passed the certain standards set for the contents. Adoption of aratamein, or approval seal started after the Kansei or Meiwa period and continued to the beginning of the Meiji period. The styles of aratamein differ from period to period. Hence they could be used as a mean to estimate publication date of nishikie. The author groups the seals into eight periods and discusses using illustrations. Seals on fan pictures are separately discussed. Supplemented with notes by Suzuki Jûzô (鈴木重三) and Kimura Yaeko (木村八重子) who are authorities in the field. (Makino)
Kawase, Kazuma. Nihon Shoshigaku Yôgo Jiten. Tôkyô: Yûshôdô, 1982 <川瀬一馬. 日本書誌学用語辞典. 東京: 雄松堂>

Prepared by an authority, this dictionary of Japanese bibliography and rare books lists 2,000 technical terms arranged in the gojûon order. Each entry offers kana reading and definition. Many words in the explanations are also supplemented by kana reading. Numerous black and white, and color photographs are included. The illustrations were compiled from books examined by the author. Offers extensive cross references. Although it does not include a bibliography, it lists the author's major works on Japanese bibliography. Includes an index. (Makino)
Kerlen, H. Catalogue of Pre-Meiji Japanese Books and Maps in Public Collections in the Netherlands = Oranda Kokunai Shozô Meiji Izen Nihon Kankei Korekushon Mokuroku. Amsterdam: J.C.Gieben, Publisher, 1996.オランダ国内所蔵明治以前日本関係コレクション目 録>

As indicated in the title, this work is a union catalog of the almost 2,000 titles from the Edo and Meiji periods. It offers a full detailed bibliographical description of each volume. Each entry is supplemented by a bibliography of major reference tools which discuss or list the entry title. Romanized Japanese reading with vernaculars of every name, and in the case of personal names, known birth/death dates are supplied. Indexed extensively by "authors and artists," "publishers, owners of blocks and printers," and engravers. Indexes include also pseudonyms, business names of publishers, and aliases. Useful for verifying editions and checking readings of various names. (Yoshimura)
Kimura, Yaeko. "Hanpon no Seiri to Riyô." In Hanpon / henshû Tabako to Shio no Hakubutsukan. Tôkyô: Tabako to Shio no Hakubutsukan, 1990: p. 525-532 <木村八重子. "版本の整理と利用." 版本 / 編集たばこと塩の博物館. 東京: たばこと塩の博物館>

Kokusho Jinmei Jiten / hensha Ichiko Teiji ... et al. 5 v. Tôkyô: Iwanami Shoten, 1991- <国書人名辞典 / 編者市古貞次 ... et al. 東京: 岩波書店>

A dictionary of 30,000 people from the earliest to 1869, whose works or translations have appeared in Kokusho Sômokuroku (国書総目録)and those bibliographical information are known. Each entry includes kana reading of the name, various forms of names, genealogy, dates, occupation, a list of works which appeared in Kokusho Sômokuroku and Kotenseki Sôgô mokuroku (古典籍総合目録), and major reference sources. (Makino)
Kokusho Sômokuroku. -- Hôteiban. 9 v. Tôkyô: Iwanami Shoten, 1989-1991
<国書総目録. -- 補訂版. 東京: 岩波書店>

The revised and enlarged edition of the first 1963-1972 edition. The most comprehensive union list of publications written, compiled , or translated in Japanese, which covers from the earliest to the end of the Edo period (1867). Arranged by title in the gojûon order, each entry includes: kana reading of title, if printed or manuscript, identification of author/editorship, series title, imprint dates and Japanese libraries which own the entry title. Vol. 8 lists over 970 monographic series, and each title within these series is included in vols . 1-8. The revised entries are identified by an asterisk. The author index of 60,000 names can be used to identify the works by the particular authors.

Kokusho Yomikata Jiten (国書読み方辞典. 東京 : おうふう, 1996) is prepared to be used as a title index to Kokusho Sômokuroku. Since many titles in Kokusho Sômokuroku include personal names in the entries, Kokusho Yomikata Jiten can also be used as a name index for classical figures. Indexed names in Kokusho Yomikata Jiten are taken from: Kokusho Sômokuroku, Nihon Koten Bungaku Daijiten (日本古典文学大辞典), Engeki Hyakka Daijiten (演劇百科大辞典) and Nihon Kokugo Daijiten (日本国語大辞典). (Makino)

Kotenseki Sôgô Mokuroku / Kokubungaku Kenkyû Shiryôkan hen. -- 3 v. Tôkyô : Iwanami Shoten, 1990 <古典籍総合目録 / 国文学研究資料館編. 東京: 岩波書店>

Kotenseki Sôgô Mokuroku is based on the Kokubungaku Kenkyû Shiryôkan's union catalog database of the Japanese library holdings of Japanese and Chinese classical titles. Containing 91,000 titles, as of the end of 1988, it is a sequel to Kokusho Sômokuroku (国書総目録) and follows the same format. Approximately 10,000 titles are not listed in Kokusho Sômokuroku and these entries are so identified. Vol. 3 includes an author index and a list of titles within series. (Makino)
Kyôho Igo Ôsaka Shuppan Shoseki Mokuroku. Tôkyô: Ryûkei Shosha, 1998 < 享保以後大阪出版書籍目録. 東京: 竜渓書舎> Reprint of originally published 1936.

Reproduction of the official applications seeking permission to publish which were submitted by publishers to the Osaka Publishing Guild (Ôsaka Shosekishô Nakama (大阪書籍商仲間)) between 1724 and 1873. Arranged chronologically by title, each entry includes author, publisher, date of publication, number of volumes and date permission was granted. Includes title and author indexes. Author index also lists titles by the author. Also offers discussions on history of the Guild. Appended with the titles which were not approved for publishing. (See also: Asakura, Haruhiko. Kyôho Igo Edo Shuppan Shomoku) (Makino)
Maruyama, Sueo. Kokushi Nayose. Tôkyô: Yoshikawa Kôbunkan, 1982 <丸山季夫. 刻師名寄. 東京: 吉川弘文館>

Names of woodblock carvers are arranged in the gojûon order. A brief description about the carver is followed by a list of his known works by him and include title, author, illustrator and imprint. Offers cross references and appended with a name index. (Makino)
Matsudaira, Susumu. Moronobu, Sukenobu Ehon Shoshi. (Nihon Shoshigaku Taikei; 57) Musashimurayama-shi: Seishôdô, 1988 <松平進. 師宣・祐信繪本書誌. (日本書誌学大系; 57) 武蔵村山市: 青裳堂>

Detailed bibliographic description of 121 picture books by Hishikawa Moronobu (菱川 師宣 1618-1694) and Nishikawa Sukenobu (西川祐信 1671-1751) who are both ukiyoe artists of the mid-Edo period. The Moronobu selection represents Edo, and Sukenobu, Kamigata (上方). Under each artist, the entries are arranged in chronological order. Undated publications are listed at the end. Each entry includes the owner, kana reading, and modern script of full bibliographic description, preface, and colophon. The author's notes include the researches of predecessors. Indexed by title and name of publisher. Includes some illustrations. (Makino)
Mitchell, C.H. The Illustrated Books of the Nanga, Maruyama, Shijo and Other Related Schools of Japan: a Bibliography. Los Angeles: Dawson's Book Shop, 1972.

This work has two parts. Part I is arranged alphabetically by artists' given name or pen name. Each entry includes a biography and list of books produced by the artist with dates. Part II is an alphabetical list of books by title with a full bibliographic description. Entries are in romanized Japanese and supplemented by the translated English title. Appended with a list of titles with vernaculars, and a chronological list of books which is classified by subject. Offers an index of publishers, engravers, printers and bookbinders. A reference bibliography can be found at the end. (Yoshimura)
Nihon Kotenseki Shoshigaku Jiten / hensha Inoue Muneo ... et al. hen. Tôkyô: Iwanami Shoten, 1999 <日本古典籍書誌学辞典 / 編者井上宗雄 ... et al. 東京: 岩波書店>

An extensive and authoritative dictionary of 3,400 terms on manuscripts, rare and old books, people, bookstores, publishing, collections and the study of Japanese and Chinese bibliography. Covers the earliest through the end of the Edo period. Arranged in the gojûon order, listed under each entry are kana reading, category and definition. Explanatory terms are marked with an asterisk to indicate their first appearance in the dictionary. At the beginning of the dictionary there is a list with entries arranged in category, and sub-arranged by subject. Articles are signed by over 300 specialists in Japanese and Chinese literature, history and other related fields. Sources of information are often included as well as numerous cross references. Includes illustrations. (Makino)
Ogino, Toshiko. "Hanpon Chôsa no Katei." In Hanpon / henshû Tabako to Shio no Hakubutsukan. Tôkyô: Tabako to Shio no Hakubutsukan, 1990: p. 533-537 <荻野淑子 "版本調査の課程." 版本 / 編集たばこと塩の博物館. 東京: たばこと塩の博物館>

Suzuki, Toshiyuki. Kinsei Shoseki Kenkyû Bunken Mokuroku. Tôkyô: Perikansha, 1997 <鈴木俊幸. 近世書籍研究文献目録. 東京: ぺりかん社>

A bibliography of books and journal articles on studies of publishing and publishers, bookstores, books, manuscripts, printing, reading and other related fields. Divided by general category and subdivided into specific topics. Includes an author index. (Makino)
Tanahashi, Masahiro. Kibyôshi Sôran. 4 v. (Nihon Shoshigaku Taikei; 48) Musashimurayama-shi: Seishôdô, 1986-1994 <棚橋正博. 黄表紙総覧 (日本書誌学大系; 48) 武蔵村山市: 青裳堂>

2,500 kibyôshi , almost all known to be extant, are listed by the author, who examined most of the titles. Arranged by title in chronological order, it covers the period 1775 to 1806. Reading of the title is given with detailed bibliographical descriptions such as the number of volumes, author, illustrator, publisher, hashiradai (柱題), etc. The author offers detailed notes and comments on each title, provides synopsis and includes information on modern reproductions. He also comments on the researches of predecessors . The index volume includes title, hashiradai, personal name, and related entries such as names of preface and postscript writers and models used in the book. (Makino)
Ukiyoe Jiten / henshû Suzuki Minoru. 3 v. Tôkyô: Gabundô, 1987<浮世絵事典 / 編集鈴木実. 東京: 画文堂>

An authoritative work on ukiyoe and related topics. Entries cover: painters; carvers; printers; technical terms for ukiyoe printmaking; collecting and selling; and popular ukiyoe topics as actors, and geographical names. Arranged in the gojûon order. Includes illustrations. (Makino)
Urushiyama, Matashirô. Ehon Nenpyô. 6 v. (Nihon Shoshigaku Taikei; 34) Musashimurayama-shi: Seishôdô, 1983-1987 <漆山又四郎. 繪本年表 (日本書誌学大系; 34) 武蔵村山市: 青裳堂>

Facsimile edition of the author's manuscript, Nihon Mokuhan Ehon Nenpyô (日本木版絵本年表), covering the period 1417 to 1911. The author examined 20,000 woodblock printed books and selected 8,000 titles. Volumes 1--4 is Mokuhan Sashie Nendaijun Mokuroku (木版挿絵年代順目録), a chronological list of titles with full bibliographic descriptions including title, number of volumes, author, illustrator, imprint and the author's notes. Both picture and illustrated books are included. In Ehon Nenpyô the author offers excellent discussions on illustrators and other individuals involved in production of the books. Volumes 5--6 is Mokuhan Sashie Onjun Mokuroku (木版挿絵音順目録).Suzuki Juzo (鈴木重三) and Nakano Mitsutoshi (中野三敏) edited and revised the manuscript. (Makino)
Urushiyama, Matashirô. Kinsei no Eiribon (Nihon Shoshigaku Taikei; 33) Musashimurayama-shi: Seishôdô, 1983 <漆山又四郎. 近世の絵入本. (日本書誌学大系; 33) 武蔵村山市: 青裳堂>

Collection of the author's essays from journal publications on picture and illustrated books from the Edo period. Appended with a catalog of 895 kurohon (黒本) and aohon (青本). Includes also facsimile reproductions of the author's manuscripts of Kyôgen Ehon (Shibai Banzuke) Nendaijun Mokuroku (狂言絵本(芝居番付)年代順目録) and Zokkyoku Sashiebon Mokuroku (俗曲挿絵本目録). (Makino)
Yajima, Genryô. Tokugawa Jidai Shuppansha, Shuppanbutsu Shûran. 2 v. Sendai-shi: Man'yôdô, 1976. <矢島玄亮. 徳川時代出版者・出版物集覧. 続編共二冊. 仙台市: 万葉堂>

Includes 17,000 publications and their 3,200 publishers from the Edo period. Arranged in the gojûon order by name of publisher with their location. The entries are organized by title, and listed under each title are author, date of publication and number of volumes. Titles are collected from fifty-one library catalogs which included private collections. Supplied with cross references, and author and title indexes. (Makino)


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