Plasma Physics Seminar (Phys 769)

  • The Plasma Physics Seminar is held on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 in the Energy Research Facility (Building 223) in room 1207.

  • Theoreticians and experimentalists from the University of Maryland and other institutions in the area will present topics of interest to the plasma physics community.
  • The focus will be on presenting material at a level that is largely accessible to graduate students who are beginning their research in plasma physics. A number of tutorial talks will be given throughout the year, which will present broader topics with an emphasis on developing key concepts from a pedagogical perspective.

Schedule - Fall 2009

September 16 -- Dr. Tim Koeth, IREAP -- "The Story of the Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron: A student built and student maintained particle accelerator"

October 14 -- Dr. Joe Huba, NRL -- "Three-dimensional equatorial spread F modeling"

October 28 -- Dr. Sarah Messer, HyperV Technologies Corp. -- "Plasma Gun Development and Diagnostics"

December 9 -- Dr. Catalin Teodorescu, IREAP -- "Experimental Evidence of MHD Plasma Centrifugal Confinement in Open Magnetic Field Configuration"

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