Plasma Physics Seminar (Phys 769)

  • The Plasma Physics Seminar is held on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 in the Energy Research Facility (Building 223) in room 1207.

  • Theoreticians and experimentalists from the University of Maryland and other institutions in the area will present topics of interest to the plasma physics community.
  • The focus will be on presenting material at a level that is largely accessible to graduate students who are beginning their research in plasma physics. A number of tutorial talks will be given throughout the year, which will present broader topics with an emphasis on developing key concepts from a pedagogical perspective.

Schedule - Fall 2008

September 24 -- Dr. Balram Prasad, Visiting Senior Research Scientist IREAP -- "Coherent amplification of THz waves emitted from two opposing electron beams-plasma systems and their application to detect, image and selectively kill tumor cells in human organs."

October 1 -- Dr. Phillip Sprangle, Plasma Physics Division, NRL -- "Laser-Pumped X-ray Free Electron Laser"

October 8 -- Dr. Parvez Guzdar, IREAP -- "Geodesic Acoustic Modes (GAMs) in tokamaks: How are they excited and do they play a role in improved confinement."

October 22 (Special Time and Place: 2pm; CSS Room 2400; joint with Space and Cosmic Ray Physics Seminar) -- Dr. Robert Lin, UC, Berkeley -- Particle Acceleration and Explosive Energy Release by the Sun

November 12 -- Dr. Edwin J. Heilweil, NIST --- Terahertz Measurement Approaches for Spectroscopy, Imaging, and Nanophotonics

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