Plasma Physics Seminar (Phys 769)

  • The Plasma Physics Seminar is held on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 in the Energy Research Facility (Building 223) in room 1207.

  • Theoreticians and experimentalists from the University of Maryland and other institutions in the area will present topics of interest to the plasma physics community.

  • The focus will be on presenting material at a level that is largely accessible to graduate students who are beginning their research in plasma physics.  A number of tutorial talks will be given throughout the year, which will present broader topics with an emphasis on developing key concepts from a pedagogical perspective.

Schedule - Spring 2006

February 1 -- Yakov Dimant, Boston University-- "Evolution of meteor plasma trails: electric fields and diffusion"

April 12 -- Murthy Gudipati, IPST, NASA Ames, and University of Cologne -- Spectroscopy of Low-Temperature Ices of Water Processed with Plasma (VUV) Radiation: Relevance to Planetary Astronomy & Origins of Life

May 1 -- Carol Paty, University of Washington -- Understanding the Interaction between Ganymede's and Jupiter's Magnetospheres: Combining Multi-fluid Simulations and Observations

May 3 -- Amiya Sen, Columbia University -- A New Paradigm for Plasma Transport and Zonal Flows

May 10 -- Stefan Gerhardt, PPPL, Princeton -- Studies of Free Boundary Field-Reversed Configurations with Improved Stability in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment

May 11 -- Jan Egedal, MIT -- Magnetic Reconnection in Plasmas: a Celestial Phenomenon in the Laboratory

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