Plasma Physics Seminar (Phys 769)

  • The Plasma Physics Seminar is held on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 in the Energy Research Facility (Building 223) in room 1207.

  • Theoreticians and experimentalists from the University of Maryland and other institutions in the area will present topics of interest to the plasma physics community.

  • The focus will be on presenting material at a level that is largely accessible to graduate students who are beginning their research in plasma physics.  A number of tutorial talks will be given throughout the year, which will present broader topics with an emphasis on developing key concepts from a pedagogical perspective.

Schedule - Fall 2005

September 28 -- W.M. Nevins, Lawrence Livermore National Lab -- "Does ETG Turbulence Matter"

October 5 -- Naum Ginzburg, Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia -- "Using 2D Bragg structures for producing spatially coherent radiation from large-size sheet electron beams"

October 12 -- Roman Kolesnikov, PPPL, Princeton -- "Bifurcation theory of the transition to collisionless ion-temperature-gradient-driven plasma turbulence"

November 16 -- Hantao Ji, PPPL, Princeton -- "Laboratory Study of Magneto-rotational Instability and Hydrodynamic Stability at Large Reynolds Numbers in a Short Couette Flow"

November 30 -- Stewart Zweben, PPPL, Princeton -- " Structure and Motion of Edge Turbulence in NSTX and Alcator C-Mod"

December 7 -- Lia Merminga, Thomas Jefferson Laboratory and Dave Hammer, Cornell University -- "Town Hall Meeting on NRC Plasma Study"

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