Welcome to the online location of the Population Balance Problem!  Here, you'll find problem statements and Matlab codes used for the industrial population balance problem developed by R. Bertrum Diemer (DuPont) and Sheryl H. Ehrman, Vivek Dwivedi, and Patricia Castellanos (U Maryland).   Any questions, please contact Sheryl Ehrman at sehrman@umd.edu. 

Problem statements
Original problem statement, 2003
Revised problem statement, 2005

Population balance main program
matlab file  ( 2748 Bytes )
 This is the main file that calls the other integration and collision kernal
programs. Note, grade efficiency is calculated assuming a given grade efficiency curve.  For the 2005 version of the problem statement, grade efficiency is determined via the CHEMCAD analysis of the cyclone, so this portion can be commented out. 

Number distribution
matlab file  ( 1040 Bytes )
 This bit generates the long differential equations from the summation and integrates them.
Beta calculator
matlab file  ( 402 Bytes )
 This bit of code calculates the total collision kernal as a function of
matlab file  ( 380 Bytes )
 This bit calculates the breakup kernal as a function of particle size...

These codes were originally written by Brendan Hoffman, Kelly Tipton, Yechun Wang, and Matt McHale, students during the Spring 2003 Particle Science and Technology class.