General Description

    A research project is required for this course.  It may take a variety of forms.  The research project may be a research paper; a bibliographical essay; a web site; a performance presentation (a dramatic reading, a portrayal of an historic figure like Gutenberg, McLuhan, Erasmus, Roger L'Estrange, et. al., a dramatization of an event or stereotype of an event in the history of knowledge, literacy, education, production, consumption, dissemination, censorship of information; a dramatization of seizing and burning books, etc.); a video or still image presentation (such as photos, slides, a power point presentation, collage, or other visual design); a model presentation (a working model of a hand press; a hornbook library; a book you make yourself); a recorded oral performance (dramatic reading, original dramatic composition, freeform oral address of an issue covered in this course, etc.)  Other ideas?

Please talk with me further, one-on-one, to explore and elaborate these possibilities.