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Welcome to Mike Gateau -- the newest MRL member!


Current Graduate Students:
Aaron Gerratt -- silicon/elastomer processing
Ivan Penskiy -- high force density electrostatic motors
Chris Brown -- minimally actuated millirobots
Wayne Churaman -- microthrusters using nanoporous silicon
Dana Vogtmann -- 1.5g flapping MAV
Mike Gateau -- AntBot testbed

Current Undergraduate Students:
Let me know if your name isn't on here. I don't update this too often.
Ethan Schaler -- energy scavenging
Elvin Peprah -- low power communication between robots
Carlos Casarez -- leg design in Si/PDMS process

(MS) Jessica Rajkowski -- all polymer microrobot prototyping
(BS) Elizabeth Kenyon (REU) -- RSSI for short range distance measurement
(BS) Joe Rice -- inertial sensing and dynamic simulation
(BS) Mike Gateau -- networked mobile robots
(BS) Cliff Klein -- inertial sensing for mobile robots

January 2009

Future Students:
I'm currently looking for graduate and undergraduate students interested in robotics and/or MEMS. It would help, but is not required, to have proficiency in one of the following:

Tips for Undergraduate Research

Most of these tips are culled from Mark Chew's advice here.