R. J. Sanford, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering

Fracture Mechanics

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Principles of Fracture MechanicsPrinciples of Fracture Mechanics

For a first course in the Mechanics of Fracture at the graduate level (or senior undergraduates with a background in engineering mechanics). The attention of Principles of Fracture Mechanics is on the mathematical principles of linear elastic fracture mechanics and their application to engineering design. The book is a self-contained manual on the mechanics aspects of the theory of brittle fracture and fatigue and is suitable for either self-study or classroom instruction. It includes a guided introduction to the linear theory of elasticity with pivotal results for the circular hole, the elliptical hole and the wedge leading up to the general problem of bodies containing cracks.

Foundations of Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics

This collection of papers consists of those articles which provide fundamental contributions to the development of the theory of linear elastic fracture mechanics. The selection of papers for this volume includes 38 papers, encompassing over 630 pages, with a special emphasis on those historic papers which are not generally available.

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Crack Tip
Stress Fields

This volume consists of original papers and reports which first describe solution schemes and/or measurement techniques to determine the stress intensity factor for particular classes of problems. The papers are grouped into three categories: analytical, numerical and experimental.

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Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis Software


Air Force Fracture Mechanics Software


Military Handbook
Aircraft Structural Integrity Program


University of Dayton Research Institute
Damage Tolerant Design Handbook


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