Micromachined RF Technology (Manufacturing Process Identification and Evaluation)

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The objective of this program is to lay the ground work for the future implemenation of a Transmit Receive (TR) module on a single chip.  In order to fabricate a TR module on a chip, compatible processes for fabricating high-speed transistors, MMIC, and MEMS must be developed and applied to a single wafer.


CALCE-EPSC is a subcontractor of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on this program.  CALCE will evaluate the manufacturing processes associated with fabricating advanced high-frequency modules composed of a combination of micromachined (MEMs) and electronic solid state components (Si/Ge HBTs). Evaluation of the manufacturing processes includes identification of the process steps, evaluating compatibility of the necessary processing, cost analysis, and yield analysis.

Phase 1 - Baseline Process Modeling and Process Compatibility Evaluation

Phase 2 - Extensions to Baseline Models and Industry Evaluation of Processes


Process models for RF MEMS structures

Process models for Si/Ge HBTs - Under construction

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