INFM 603 - Information Technology and Organizational Context
Project 1: Project Selection and Rough Plan


As discussed in the project overview, the purpose of the INFM603 project is to demonstrate the ability to carry through on the design and implementation of a technology application in a team.   In Project 1, you will select a project, define and lay out the functional objectives, and present the use cases using “stick figure” diagrams with textual descriptions.  The project has two parts:


Part 1:    Project selection and management approval.   Get together as a team and select a project.   Decide on the project objectives.    Prepare a short report for management (management will be simulated by the instructor) describing the project goals, deliverables, and why it makes a good project.    You can, if you like, present use cases at this point.    However, keep in mind that management is not the sharpest tool in the shed, so you must rely on clear explanation to accompany any notation.

For your use cases, you should use some kind of “stick figure” diagram.    We used to teach these as part of UML, but we do not teach UML anymore because most of it is unnecessary.    Nevertheless, much of the UML treatment of use cases has now been adopted in other methodologies such as Agile, so it is worth being familiar with at least the use case parts.    You can consider this sample as well as this resource.   Basically, you just have to think through the different “actors” (users) in the system, how they will use the system, and the functions that they will need.    It is fine to combine English with diagrams.

Part 2:   Project plan.   In any format (Microsoft Project, Visio, Powerpoint, text, etc.) a plan to management as to how you’re going to get your project done.