INFM 603 - Information Technology and Organizational Context

Fall 2016 – Assignment H6

The following tasks for Assignment 6 use the database that you have already constructed (for employees and projects) for Assignment 5


1)      Build HTML pages using forms for a) entering a new project, and b)  assigning an employee to a project, including adding or updating each of the database fields (e.g., name, title, task, department, etc.).   Use the “post” action on submit to call one or more PHP scripts on your virtual server.

2)      Write your one or more PHP scripts.   The scripts will have to access your MySQL database and execute queries using the mysqli commands shown in class.    Consult and subsequent pages for a refresher.

3)      Upload your pages to your virtual server.    Your HTML pages can be either on your virtual server or on terpconnect (in fact, you should be able to test them without uploading them at all).    Note:   you will not be able to run your PHP scripts on terpconnect and probably not on your own computer, either.    PHP and MySQL are installed on your virtual server.

4)      Submit links to your HTML pages and PHP script(s).   Submit a copy of your PHP script (because these are not visible on the Web).   I will also be able to look at the copy on your virtual server.    You can **** out the password content if you like.   All you need turn in for this assignment is the HTML pages, the PHP, and the links so that I can check that the files have been uploaded.




Last Updated: October 4, 2016