INFM 603 - Information Technology and Organizational Context

Fall 2016 Ė Assignment H2 Ė Due 5:45pm on 9/15/2016


1)      Download and install on your personal laptop or Desktop the following software:

a)      A WYSIWYG HTML editor.†† A good example is KompoZer, which can be downloaded and installed from Sourceforge or other sources.†† Alternatively, you can try Adobeís Dreamweaver, which you should be able to obtain through TerpWare and/or Adobeís Creative Cloud without charge.†††

b)      A good text/code editor.†† Recommended is Notepad++ but if you want to try VI, Emacs, or anything else in this category, itís fine.

c)      A secure FTP tool, such as WinSCP.††
You need not turn in anything for this part.††† Youíre just going to need these for class and for the rest of the assignments.

2)      Create a personal web page that includes at least some text and a graphic or image.†† Make sure your page has a title and is personal enough to show that it isnít entirely copied.†† You can use a text editor or HTML editor or another tool, if you like, as long as at least you can show the HTML.

3)      Upload (copy) your personal web page to terpconnect(i.e. to your personal space at and e-mail with the URL of your personal web page.†† The URL is all you need to turn in for this assignment.

4)      Itís going to be easier for me to set everything up for Homeworks 5 and on as well as the projects if I have your UMD Directory ID.†† Please include it in the e-mail when you complete this assignment.















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