INFM 603 - Information Technology and Organizational Context

Fall 2016 – Assignment H1 – Due 5:45pm on 9/8/2016


1)      Look over the list of readings for the next two class sessions (Sept. 8 and Sept. 15).   Note that there are online versions of the readings available through UMD’s ProQuest Safari subscription .  There are alternate readings that you can obtain in paper or electronic form from other sources if you prefer.    You will need to verify that you can access the online readings and/or obtain the materials from other sources and complete the readings for September 8.    You need not turn in anything for this part of H1.

2)      For each of the following, explain at least two methods of representation in a digital computer, with examples:

a)      Maryland, one of the U.S. states

b)      The date October 21, 2015

Note:   the purpose of this exercise is to make sure you understand the important concepts in digital representations and didn’t miss too much of the first session.   It may help you to consult for dates and for ASCII as well as the class notes.   It is not that important which number system you use (e.g., binary, octal, or hexadecimal) as long as it is clear that you understand something about number systems and your answer is clear.

c)      [bonus] explain in one or two sentences why the date January 19, 2038 is special.                                                                                                                                                                          

3)      Use Monitis Visual Trace Route Tool (or any other traceroute tool) to determine one or more paths through the Internet to the web site Answer the following questions about this:

a)      What is the role of a DNS (Domain Name Server) in what traceroute is doing?

b)      Explain in one or two sentences the results of the traceroute.  The point is for you to show that you have learned something about the role of IP addresses in the Internet.






Last Updated: August  19 , 2016