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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Anti - Pastry.

[They stuffed us full of incubus chock-a-block with succubus...]

a tribute to Cake, a Rant
by Todd Colby

With all due and sincere apologies to Mr. Colby, WFMU, and the Intelligent Design show: Cake Covers - 160 Versions of Todd Colby's "Cake", and without even hint of possible mercy Cake-a-thon To Continue Next Week.

"I'm so fed-up with cake.
If I hear any more cake I'll plotz.
Sometimes I'll hear a hundred or more cakes in a single day.
I hate cake!
I can't be any clearer than that.
I hate cake!
I'll delete every cake in Jersey City.
I can't even listen to the radio anymore because I'll hear more cake.
I'll say "What's with the cake! Can the cake! Stop the cake!"
And they say, "We know how very much you hate cake, and we know you very rarely have the money to avoid our cake, so get in your chair, because you can't escape our cake! But we know how much you hate cake, so get over here, you can't leave the cake!"
I'll punch somebody in the head if I hear any more cake.
Spare me all your cake!
I hate cake!
Get me away from the cake!
I hate it!
I hate cake!
Take away your cake!
[sinister laugh]"

 I've already put the original on my iPod.

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