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Monday, 26 July, 2004
Nostrum Ersatz Rostrum

A couple of weeks ago as I was browsing through my links list. I came across the author of psuedopodium railing against a song that was stuck in his head "Party Time" which he described as A really lame 1978 British punk band attempt at ska sort of thing, or a really lame garage band attempt at a Joe "King" Carrasco polka. Hardly an endorsement. But this is what that observation did for me. It dredged up from the swamps of my past a similarly title song by 45 Grave which has come back to me at some point in the course of days, every day since.
Its party time
Do you wanna party, its party time
we gotta party, its party time
Lets party
Its party time
its party time
its party time...
Every good turn deserves another.
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the New Journalism in Russia

It demonstrates a lack of objectivity to represent minority opinion in the media or cover the views of political candidates who will not win elections. This is according to the new Manager of the last independant television network in Russia. This comes from a terse, but open eyed op ed in last Saturdays Washington Post by Masha Lipman editor of the Carnegie Moscow Center's Pro et Contra Journal In Russia, No TV Time for Dissent (

After watching that Wide Angle piece which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago through the lookinglasnost. I seem to have become sensitive to this. Putin may say that he has to rein in centrifigal forces which threaten to rip Russia apart. The last statement in Lipman's piece has the best response to that line that can be made
Once those in the government elite have opted to dump democratic institutions and liberal freedoms, there is no way to stop: The fear of losing power drives them to crack down ever more.
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