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Who: Paul Bushmiller* Student part-time; GVPT, Library Technician full-time
What: an index homepage and psuedo weblog (see also Atomized jr)
Where: Wam the student/staff server at UMCP
When: now and since 1998 I think
Why: I cite the song 'King Ink'

"What we got here, is failure, to communicate."
- Captain Road Prison 36 (Strother Martin) Cool Hand Luke

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Special Features: Movie reviews of Kids movies from within the kid movie demographic. Nicole looks at Monsters Inc. and reconsiders Lord of the Rings Also featured Nicole looks literally at some common expressions in a section I call lampooning a tale


In preparation for the end the ability to use ftp on the University of Maryland's servers - they are requiring a switch to Sftp only on uploads - I am dusting off Atomized sr here. Which I left in deliberate limbo a few years ago when I switched to a Radio Userland weblog (atomized jr). I think that if I get the hang of it I can simply manually up load the Radio db's changes and continue the main web log that way. This is contingent on upgrading my OS X.1 G3 which will not run any current Sftp program for mac. In the meantime the back-plan is to update this space as my web log and do my Sftp from work on my wintell wonder there. Ferrying back and forth the posts via email or a flash stick. To that end I've cleaned this page up a little and arranged my current set of favorite links and such about it. I had been trying to turn this space over to my niece to use. She has a spot hanging off this page which she has outgrown. Just as well I haven't yet. It's good to have a spare Namespace.

Paul |Tuesday, 12 July, 2005 21:59:39

Literal Expressions Vol. 3

bicycle paul/nicole. Sat, 31 May 2003 22:00

My Niece Nicole, finishing up fifth grade, has released another installment in her "literal expressions" series. Where pictureseque phrases meet the pictures they hoped never to meet. thumbnail of Litex_3

Previously she has provided some movie reviews for me, to place here, over at her own page. Recently she raised the possiblity that she might try a book review. Now that I have the Radio user land weblog to feed, I think I will slate her shorter pieces right to here and run drawings, artwork, photos, and longer pieces over at her main page.

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paul. Fri, 20 Dec 2002 23:00

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New embedded weblog Atomized Jr. [picture is portal]

So far this has been a static web site fronting as a weblog. Now it will be a static web site fronting for a weblog. I got me one of those Radio Userland gizmo's. It should make day to day posting less onerous. Not that I do not love the: textedit - BBedit - cut'n'paste - Fetch_ftp tango. No, I do dearly love it. It is just that... well, it is what it is - a pain in the neck. While it never seems like much of a chore to write things, it never seemed to be the right time to sit down fit it all together and send it along to here. Or worse it would seem to be time. Then I would find myself ensnarled in a many houred recasting of hypertext mark-up because of some misguided notion of "site redesign", when all I really wanted to do was put up just one or two paragraphs of comment.

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