How to Play AVI Movies

If you do not have a proper viewer on your computer, search for "Video for Windows" runtime drivers for your platform at These drivers will allow you to play with MPLAYER.EXE that comes with Windows, usually located, where else, in windows directory. I placed a copy in my directory for easy downloading (, 1298K bytes). Furthermore, the .AVI files here use Intel's Indeo R32 codec (compression-decompression scheme); if your MPLAYER (which is a program that comes with MS Windows, usually under \windows\mplayer.exe) or viewer displays a blank screen, you can download the Indeo driver directly from Intel: If Intel's ftp server is busy or relocated, try my directory at the University of Maryland: I may consider swtiching to other movie formats, e.g., QuickTime (MOV) or MPEG, or other codec if I receive too many complaints.

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How to Play AVI Movies
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