Biological and Chemical Detection

Fall 2007


Nam Sun Wang
Class Hour: Tue 7:00-9:40pm, ENG1102
Office Hours: MWF 11:00am-12:00noon, Rm 1208 Chemical Engineering Bldg. or contact instructor via e-mail.

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Admission into the Professional Masters Degree Program or permission from the Instructor.


The overall goal of the course is to provide a survey of the various software and hardware aspects associated with chemical and biological detection. Theories and computational methods in modeling and data fitting. Possible topics include: sensor and transducer components, computer data acquisition and analysis, multivariate regression, calibration, filtering, and sampling. Examples will be drawn from military (chemical & biological warfare), agricultural (food safety), environmental monitoring, and medical applications. The actual coverage to an extent will be determined by student preference. Please give me input at any time to modify the topics to be covered.


Oral Presentation (11/27-12/04) 50%
Written Project Report (Due 12/11) 50%

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Biological and Chemical Detection -- Syllabus
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