My Research Activities

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My research activities are currently focused on creating cantilever microsystems that can detect various gasses, vapors, aerosols, or any other analyte of interest. The primary mechanism that is employed to measure these changes is a resonant frequency shift due to a increase of mass on a resonant cantilever. Some of the most sensitive readout schemes to measure these cantilevers employ free-space optics which are used to measure the deflection of cantilevers. This generally means the use of an external laser which needs to be focused onto the cantilever, and then reflected to a position sensitive photodetector. For cantilevers in the 10's of microns in size, this can be quite a challenge; however, this is a well established and very sensitive method to measure the resonant frequency changes of a cantilever.

The approach that my project is using is similar in that it involves a resonant cantilever. The main catch is that our design utilizes this optical readout scheme, but without the external free-space optical equipment that is usually present. Our system uses guided optics in the form of optical fiber and optical waveguides in Indium Phosphide (a direct bandgap semiconductor). Our waveguides form the core of the system, where the waveguide itself is utilized as the cantilever MEMS structure. This waveguide is doped slightly to allows the waveguide to be actuated electrostatically. The optical overlap between the cantilever waveguide and the output waveguide is very sensitive to this displacement and thus works well to detect motion. Using a detector off chip, the optical power is measured and a signal is processed.

The benefits of this approach are twofold: It allows for sensitive displacement measurement without external free-space optics, and it presents a monolithic fabrication scheme in III-V direct bandgap semiconductors. Why do we care about direct bandgap semiconductors? Because these materials can be grown in a controlled manner which allow for the generation, guiding, and detection of light all simultaneously within one material system. This means that the external equipment needed for the system such as lasers and photodetectors can be made on the same substrate and fabricated simultaneously on one chip. This ability makes the devices attractive to batch fabrication that industry normally requires for a device to actually be profitable.

Current Work

My current research is centered on both the integration of a laser into my waveguide cantilever detector to reduce the need for off-chip optical sources. This will be the first demonstration of such full optical component integration using this particular InP cantilever platform. My current challenges are involving the molecular beam epitaxy of a relatively complex layer structure including a laser waveguide and protodetector. Stay tuned for my future updates with exciting results in these areas.

Publications List:


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