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In-class writing, homework, exercises, and quizzes (15%)- This includes all assignments outside of the four major papers.

Class Participation (15%)- Active volunteering, engagement in class, and punctual attendance are the major factors.

Paper 1: Experience as Evidence (10%)

Paper 2: Experience and Other Evidence (15%)

Paper 3: Considering Another Side (20%)

Paper 4: Final Position Paper (25%)


Discretionary and Excused Absences- All students are allowed four discretionary absences. Absences for writing workshops and on paper due dates will affect your paper grade in addition to your participation. Please bring official documentation for any absences you may want excused by next class period. No documentation is accepted after one week. After the four discretionary absences, your participation grade will be negatively impacted. After six, it is unlikely you will pass the course. Additionally, being excessively tardy will have a negative impact on your grade. You are responsible for learning and obtaining any material covered in your absence.

Class Cancellation- Check the university homepage for information regarding campus closings including inclement weather. If class is canceled for any other reason, the information will be sent to your university email account.

Religious Holidays- It is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor in advance of any intended absences for religious observances. If you do not give me specific notice in writing about planned religious observances by the end of the schedule adjustment period, all absences are subject to the participation grade penalties. Furthermore, students have the responsibility to inform the instructor of any intended absences for religious observances in advance. The student should provide written notification to the professor within the first two weeks of the semester. The notification must identify the religious holiday(s) and the date(s).


All papers are due on the dates marked on the schedule. Unless otherwise noted, all papers must be submitted in hard copy form during class. If you know your paper will be late, it is important to contact me immediately through email to let me know how and when you will get the paper to me. You may send a late paper through email but no emailed papers will be considered on time without prior approval. If a paper is emailed, it is not considered received until I send you a response. If there's no response, I don't have your paper. It is in your best interest to turn in papers earlier. No extensions will be given for technological problems. The grade of late papers will be reduced on a prorated basis equal to one letter grade per day. Same day papers will be reduced by half a letter grade.

  • Same day, not in class -> .5 letter grade
  • 1 day late -> 1 letter grade
  • 2 days late -> 2 letter grades
  • 3 days late -> 3 letter grades
  • 4 or more days late -> No credit

If a paper is due in-class on Monday and you turn it in next class on Wednesday, then the paper is two days late. If the paper was a B, it becomes a D. No papers are accepted after three days.


Unless otherwise indicated, standard format is double-spaced throughout (with no extra spaces between paragraphs), readable font (10 or 12 point, no italics except for titles or emphasis), one-inch margins on all sides, left justified, with your name, my name/the section number, and a clever title on the first page. The clever title is very important. It hurts my feelings when the title isn't clever. When you cite information, you should follow the MLA style guidelines appropriate for the topic or situation. Number all pages. Unless instructed to do so, do not use subtitles or headers to divide the text of the paper into sections. The final draft of each assignment should be clearly labeled as such. Use a staple (I can't believe I have to write this here). Papers that do not follow these formatting guidelines will be penalized.


Plagiarism, whether it is submitting someone else’s work as your own, submitting your own work completed for another class, or otherwise violating the University’s code of Academic Integrity, will not be tolerated. You are expected to understand the university’s policies regarding academic integrity. These can be found at the Student Honor Council website. Please visit this website and read the information carefully.


If you have a registered disability that will require accommodation, please see me immediately. If you have a disability and have not yet registered it with Disability Support Services in the Shoemaker Building (4-7682 or 5-7683 TTY/TDD), you should do so immediately.


What to do about additional questions or problems- If you have questions about procedures, if a problem occurs, or if you want to request flexibility in connection with a course requirement, write me a memo, making clear what you are asking for and telling me whatever I need to know to make a decision. I can’t usually give you good information in the “after-class ambush” and, in fact, I can’t stand by anything you think you hear under such circumstances. I can make better decisions if I am given good information and time to consider a question or problem.


This syllabus is subject to change. Any important changes to assignments, grading, etc will be announced in class or through email.