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First Week of Reading (Go buy your textbooks! Engagements w/ Rhetoric, They Say I say, and The Academic Writer's Handbook)

Reading for September 1.pdf

Reading for September 3.pdf

Paper Assignment Sheets (These are the real deal. Nutritious AND Delicious.)

Paper 1 Assignment Sheet.odt (Recommended) | Paper 1 Assignment Sheet.doc

Paper 2 Assignment Sheet.odt (Recommended) | Paper 2 Assignment Sheet.doc

Paper 3 Assignment Sheet.odt (Recommended) | Paper 3 Assignment Sheet.doc

Paper 4 Assignment Sheet.odt (Recommended) | Paper 4 Assignment Sheet.doc

Other Documents

Paper 1 Invention Sheet.odt | Paper 1 Invention Sheet.doc (Recommended)

Editing for Paper 2.odt | Editing for Paper 2.doc (Recommended

Stasis Grid.odt | Stasis Grid.doc (Recommended)

Final Paper Map.odt | Final Paper Map.doc (Recommended)