Maya Deren

Some Metaphors For The Creative Process

by Maya Deren

MAYA2.jpg (28996 bytes)A creative artist must have, to begin with, substantial reserves in his bank. He must have endured the experiences of life; he must have first earned and deposited his money. Those who have spared themselves the pain and effort of living do not have much in the vault.....

At this point my useful bank metaphor has to be modified....Let us instead imagine that this money is really like books or diaries or records of all we have ever seen, felt, thought, heard, thought, and experienced. The problem of the artist, then, is to rob the vaults only of those riches that are relevant to his need.

The trouble is that these vaults -- these archives of the spirit -- are not catalogued and cross-indexed. So one begins with the idea; and the intensity of one's concentration makes, of that idea or concept, a sort of selective magnet which, passed over the mind again and again, draws out the images, sounds. movements, people, reflections, ideas, etc. related to it in kind.

If the magnet is too selective, it will bring up only synonyms and no new, illuminating relationships will be revealed. It is better that it be a little loose, eclectic and liberal so that one starts out with a big choice of possibilities. It is wonderful, of course, to watch a Master at work -- and this is what a Zen Master is -- when the magnet is of such extraordinary precision that it brings forth the most precisely best and no more and no less. One might even say that Zen is the art of tooling the magnet to its most refined precision and of charging it with the greatest pulling power.

Jazz musicians have, at times, an exquisite precision of selective memory. Pressures, as of deadlinesor critical demand. also serve artists of every kind to release the adrenalin which acts with "inspired" precision. These are usually classified as "improvisations." But it is hard to be a good bank-bandit, and it has nothing in common with the pseudo-Zenist who, plunging his clumsy, untrained paws into his past as into a grab-bag, comesup with a mess of half-eaten oranges andcockroaches....

--July 21, 1960

Myron Lounsbury

Invitation from Maya Deren and Teiji Ito--Oct 31, 1959 ALLSOUL2.jpg (12497 bytes)


A Party in Honor of Ghede

Ghede--alias Osiris, Dionysis, Shiva, etc.--is the Haitian God of the Underword, Lord of the Dead, Keeper of the Cemetaries (as archivist of all man's knowledge & experience from the beginnings of time, he is the wisest of the gogs) and the One Who Eats and eats and eats, consuming the universe. In Haiti, the weekend of October 31st is dedicated to him; while here in the U.S., the apples bobbbing in the tub of water are quite probably the earth, moon and sun floating in the firmament.....

Myron Lounsbury

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