University of Maryland

SOCY719 – Sociology of Emotions

[Fall 2016 Syllabus]

This course reviews the sociological literature on emotion. Because the study of emotions is inherently multi-disciplinary, we will also touch on psychological, anthropological, and organizational literatures on emotions. However, the primary focus will be on the prominent theories of the social causes and effects of emotions. The course will also review and assess the empirical evidence for these theoretical claims. The major output of this course will be a final research paper or grant proposal. In addition, you will be expected to provide commentary and responses and to actively participate in class discussions about the readings.

SOCY498W – Sociology of Emotions

[Fall 2016 Syllabus]

Emotions are often thought of as purely subjective experiences. How much more personal than one get than their emotions and feelings? In addition to their physiological and psychological aspects, however, emotions have a social side that often go unnoticed. This course will introduce you to the social aspects of emotions. In doing so, we will cover wide-ranging topics including the social causes of emotions, social norms about emotions, disparities in emotional experiences, and the ways in which emotions can maintain and reshape society.

Indiana University

S566 – Sociological Resarch Practicum (co-taught with Brian Powell)

The primary goal of this course is to prepare graduate students to do a piece of their own original research (for their MA paper and hopefully professional presentation/publication). The SRP will make available to students several existing U.S. and international data sets (including some from previously collected SRP data) that can be used to investigate a diverse set of questions about families, education, and other social institutions. It also will introduce experimental survey methods that can be used to examine public opinion and will offer some training in Atlas.ti, a software program that facilitates qualitative analysis of text/interviews. We also are planning an original data collection effort in which adults will be interviewed on their conceptualization of “family” and on views regarding higher education, among other topics.

Introduction to Qualtrics, Indiana Intensive Didactic Seminar (IIDS)

[Lecture slides]

Qualtrics is a software package that allows you to create professional grade, online surveys. It has been used by students in our department for a variety of projects. This seminar is designed to provide a brief introduction to creating and fielding a survey on Qualtrics.

S110 – Charts, Graphs, and Tables

[Spring 2013 Syllabus] | [Fall 2012 Syllabus]

The goal of this course is to teach you to become critical consumers of social statistics and their presentation in our daily lives. You will become familiar with the central concepts and techniques that sociologists use to understand the social world, as well as the fundamental concepts of sociology. Examples from various subfields within sociology are used to illustrate each concept.

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