Katya Solovyeva

Ph.D. candidate, second language acquisition

University of Maryland, College Park

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My research focuses on cognitive and psycholinguistic processes involved in second language learning. The overarching goal of my research is to connect ongoing processing of linguistic input with linguistic knowledge in long-term memory, with particular emphasis on sentence-level and morphosyntactic phenomena.

Currently I am examining cross-linguistic differences in the acquisition of verbal inflectional morphology. This project involves comparisons of learner corpus data in German, Czech, and Italian. This work has been supported by the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations / National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages Dissertation Grant

Email: kss at umd dot edu

Publications |

Solovyeva, K., & DeKeyser, R., under review. Aptitudes for explicit and implicit learning as predictors of growth during practice.

Solovyeva, K., under review. Short-term memory for input as link between L2 processing and knowledge.

Solovyeva, K., & DeKeyser, R. (2017).  Response time variability signatures of novel word learning. Studies in Second Language Acquisition. doi:10.1017/S0272263117000043

Kachinske, I., Osthus, P., Solovyeva, K., & Long, M. (2015). Implicit Learning of a L2 morphosyntactic rule, and its relevance for language teaching. In P. Rebuschat (Ed.), Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages. John Benjamins. doi: 10.1075/sibil.48.16kac

Invited Talks |

2015. Implicit and explicit language learning aptitudes at cross-purposes. TESOL Alumni Lectures and Roundtable. University of Northern Iowa. Cedar Falls, IA. April 13.

Conferences |

2017. Solovyeva, K. Linking processing to linguistic knowledge through short-term memory for input. Symposium: Pushing for Precision on Initial Input Processing in SLA—Are We Speaking the Same Language? Paris, France. May 18-19. Handout

2016. Solovyeva, K., & DeKeyser, R.  Towards a transition theory of SLA: Parsing as learning. Second Language Research Forum. New York, NY. September 22-24.

2016. Solovyeva, K., & DeKeyser, R. Syntactic parsing as learning: Short-Term memory for L1 and L2 syntactic units. L2 Grammar Acquisition: New Research On Processing Instruction, Input Manipulation and Teaching Implications. Salzburg, Austria. July 1-2.

2015. Solovyeva, K., & DeKeyser, R. Response variability reduction and increase index distinct stages of learning and representation formation. American Association of Applied Linguistics annual meeting. Toronto, Canada. March 21-24.

2014. Solovyeva, K., Jain, T., & Perret, S. A window into emerging explicit associative knowledge: How perfect can practice make you? American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. February 13-17.

2011. Solovyeva, K., Cook, S., Lukyanchenko, A., & Gor, K. Modeling the mental lexicon of Russian learners: Why do words play tricks on them? Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association annual meeting. Washington, DC. October 16.

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