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Current Graduate Students

Omar Ayyub, Bioengineering
Irene Bacalocostantis, Bioengineering
Adam Behrens, Bioengineering
Aaron Fisher, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Angela Fu, Bioengineering
Angela Mariani, Bioengineering
Joshua Silverstein, Bioengineering
Mert Vural, Materials Science & Engineering

Ta-I Yang, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Former Graduate Students   /   Next known position

Brendan Casey, PhD, BIOE 2010.  FDA, Silver Spring, MD
Ayan Ghosh, PhD, ChBE 2009.  Intel Corp., Portland, OR.
Daniel Janiak, PhD, MSE, 2009. Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Houston, TX.
Ta-I Yang, PhD, ChBE, 2008.
Sanem Argin, PhD, NFS, 2007.  Aromsa, Istanbul, Turkey.
Linden  Bolisay, PhD, ChBE 2007. Postdoc at UC Santa Barbara, Chemical Enginering.
Arthur Cresce, PhD, MSE 2007.  Postdoc at U of MD, Baltimore, School of Pharmacy.
Pinar Akcora, PhD,  ChBE 2005.  Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology.
Steven E. Bullock, PhD, MSE 2003.  Engineering Technology, Inc., Orlando FL.
Sufi R. Ahmed, PhD, MSE 2002.   Intel Corp., Portland, OR.
Dimitri R. Kioussis,  PhD, ChBE, 2000.  Intel Corp. , Santa Clara, CA.

Paraskevi Parmpi,  M.S. MSE , 2002.  Dupont, Willmington, DE.
Robert F. Mulligan, M.S. MSE 2001.  GMAI, Annnapolis MD.
William J. Wizeman,  M.S. MSE, 2000.  Asthmatx, Inc., Mountain View, CA.
Peter L. Drzal  M.S. MSE,1998.  PhD 2002 Northwestern U.  NIST, Gaithersburg, MD.

Former Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Sungsook Ahn, PhD U. Buffallo ChE.  Caltech, CA

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