For my cultural diversity horizons part, I attended a Jewish service at a synagogue. Everyone was wearing yarmulkes. After we found our seat, we listened to Rabbi. The Rabbi took the Torah out of the arc. The Torah is the Jewish Holy Book, and contains stories from the Old Testament. He began reading out prayers in the Torah. Some of the prayer was in Hebrew, but he performed the sermon in English. After the sermon, the Rabbi told several more prayers from the Torah, and the service was over. It was not that much different from other religious services I attended; the main difference was portions of it was in Hebrew. I think it was interesting to attend a different religious service.

For the academic diversity of my project, I went to an Environmental Science lecture. First, the professor just went over upcoming announcements, such as assignments and tests. Next, the class did a one-minute review, which is a series of quick questions from the last review. The questions in this review dealt with different species, and the difference between genetic and species diversity. Then, the class went over notes in the form of a Powerpoint. Most of it was about biodiversity in ecosystems. Eventually the Powerpoint was finished, and the class was dismissed. It was pretty much the same as most of the lectures I have been to, just with different content.

I went to the UMD-UNC football game on Saturday for my recreational/cultural part. I tailgated with my cousins before the game, and didn't get there until the beginning of the second quarter. UMD was down at this point, but the game was far from over. Eventually the rain that had been pouring down tapered off, which made the game a lot more tolerable. The second half was semi-boring until UMD's final drive, which featured several exciting plays and ended in a game winning field goal by our kicker. On UNC's final drive, our defensive back picked off their quarterback, essentially sealing the game. Lots of students rushed the field, and it was very exciting considering it puts UMD in good position to win the ACC and gain a berth to the Orange Bowl, which would be huge.

For my citizenship part, I registered to vote in this year's election. I decided to do an absentee ballot, since I didn't feel like going home for the Tuesday of the election. I don't pay much attention to politics, so I really wasn't sure who to vote for at first. Eventually, I settled on Barack Obama, who ended up winning the election and becoming the first black president-elect in U.S. history. Overall, it was pretty exciting, although it definitely would have been more enthralling if I cared about politics.