My Experiments With a Digital Camera

Newer pictures here!

Taken with an Epson PhotoPC 500

This camera has a resolution of 640x480. It takes decent pictures at close range, but distance shots look out of focus because of the low resolution. Time to buy a better camera!!!

Rex's Family Crabfeast August 5, 2000

Crabby evening!

San Francisco, California July, 2000

Check them out...

Seattle, Washington July, 2000

West Coast splendor...

UMF Reunion May 20, 2000

Here they are...

Pictures from the vicinity of Frederick and Hagerstown taken February 5, 2000

Lots of snow!

Pictures from Luray Caverns, VA taken November 19, 1999

Caving anyone?

Pictures from Austin, Texas taken the week of September 27, 1999

How 'bout a nice Texas Steak?

Pictures from Whistler, British Columbia taken the week of March 21, 1999

Ski Bunnies R' Us

Pictures from Colorado taken the week of October 10-16, 1998

Bring 'em on!

Pictures from North Carolina taken the week of September 29 thru October 3, 1998

Look ma!

Pictures from Grandma Hash's 80th Birthday taken December 27, 1997

Say cheese!

Pictures from Halloween, 1997!


Pictures from Harper's Ferry, West Virginia taken October 5, 1997

See them now!

Winter 1996/97 Pictures!!!

Winter Pics!!!

Christmas 1996 Pictures!!!

Xmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Hildebrand's
Xmas Morning at home with the relatives

Scenes from work - December, 1996!!!

December 24, 1996 - Epson PhotoPC
December 17, 1996 - Casio QV-100

Check out these comparison shots with an Epson PhotoPC 500 and a Kodak DC40.

Scenes from my house

December 15, 1996 - Casio QV-100